Easter Means We Shall Rise

Easter recognizes that our Savior rose from the dead, thereby making resurrection possible for us, too.

Facing Life’s Two Greatest Fears

Have you ever considered what you fear most? Most would say public speaking, but perhaps in broader terms, it's the matters of life and death themselves.

No Bones About It

If Christ is not raised, the death of Christ on the cross was without redemption. The ramification of a worthless faith is that you remain in your sins. If there is no resurrection, we should leave the church and go to the synagogue and eat the Seder meal. If Christ is not raised, then up is down and down is up. If Christ is not raised, right is wrong and wrong is right. If Christ is not raised, north is south and south is north.

The Answers to Our Deepest Questions

Jesus claims to be the resurrection and the life. Each of us is called to respond. This Easter sermon examines some of the big questions about God with an eye toward helping us believe.