Whenever I go to work in the garden, I like to put on a pair of gloves like these. They protect my hands as I go digging around the flowers or mowing the lawn. Whenever I see gloves, it makes me think of work!
When we celebrate Labor Day, we are celebrating the value of work — of labor. Parents go off to work to earn a living — to make it possible for you to have food and clothes and a place to live.
Did you ever think about the fact that work can also be a way of worshiping God? It's true!
God has given each of us different talents — some people are good carpenters, others are good writers, others are good typists, and others are good at medicine or law or business. God has given some people the ability to teach children like you, and others the ability to do art and music. It's amazing how many different talents God has created and given to people.
And God expects each of us to develop and use those talents. We are to be good stewards — good managers — of the talents and abilities God has given us. So as we work at our different jobs –doing the very best we can, whatever the job –it is a way of worshiping the God who has given us these abilities. We express our thanks to God by giving our best.
And the exciting thing is: God has given each one of you some special skills and talents. As you grow and go to school, you'll begin to discover those abilities God has given you, and you'll learn better how to use them. And one day you'll have the opportunity to worship God through your work, too!
Whether your job involves wearing a pair of gloves like these, or some other uniform, or even a tie, allow God to use you to the best of your abilities. And you'll find that you can worship Him even through your work! (JMD)

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