How many of you have a computer in your home or at your school? Then you probably know what this is: it's a diskette that's used with a computer. When you write things with your computer, you put a diskette in and store your material on the diskette. Don't ask me how it works — I just know it does!
You can put a lot of words on one of these — the same amount as if you had just written hundreds of letters, or even a whole book. But did you know that in just a few seconds it's possible to erase the whole thing? Hours of writing can be wiped out just by hitting a few keys on the keyboard. That's a scary thought, isn't it?
But that reminds me of something else. Jesus offers to do that with the sin in our lives — to wipe it clean! When He forgives us, He erases all the bad things that we've done in our lives, and makes us clean as new.
Jesus promises to do that for us when we ask for His forgiveness and invite Him to come into our lives. His promise of forgiveness and cleansing is one of the most wonderful offers we can ever receive.
Even a computer diskette can remind us of the wonderful promise of God's forgiveness we receive through Jesus Christ.(JMD)

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