Most kids love snow — for playing in, making snowmen, eating snow-cream. Even kids in north Florida go crazy when there's a rare snowfall on the scene.
One of the things I like best about snow is looking out on a yard or field in the morning right after a fresh snowfall has come the night before. What a beautiful scene — to see everything covered in white. It makes the world look pure and new.
The Bible says Jesus is able to make our lives "as white as snow." In His great love, He forgives the sin in our lives and washes that sin away. It is as if it had never been there at all — our lives reflect His purity. We become "as white as snow."
What a wonderful promise of God! If we will allow Christ to live in us and through us, He can make us as white as snow! (JMD)
A Special Valentine
(an object lesson using a valentine card)
Valentine's Day is coming soon. Do you know what we celebrate on that day? Yes — we celebrate love!
Here's one Valentine's Day card. (The pastor may want to have a small card for each child.) It's shaped like a heart, because on this holiday we express our love for those special people in our lives — the people we love.
Did you know that someone sent you a Valentine about 2,000 years ago? Jesus is like God's Valentine to us, because He shows us God's great and wonderful love for each of us. God loves you so very much, and Jesus came to show just how much.
So as you give Valentine's Day cards to those special people you love this year, remember the wonderful way in which God showed His love for you and me — through sending His Son to us! (JMD)

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