It's Palm Sunday. That's not something they only celebrate in Florida, where they have palm trees. We remember Palm Sunday because of something that happened many years ago.
As Jesus was entering Jerusalem, the people came out to welcome Him as their King. They gathered on each side of the road, and as Jesus approached, riding on a donkey, the people laid palm branches — like this one — on the road in front of Him. It was like they were preparing the way, honoring Him as the arriving King.
The problem is, they found out He wasn't the kind of King they had in mind at all. They wanted someone who would raise an army and solve their problems by force. Jesus wouldn't be that kind of king; He knew that the only way you really solve problems is in your heart. They wanted Jesus to wear a crown, but He knew God had sent Him to carry a cross.
So by the end of the week the crowd that had laid palm branches in Jesus' path was screaming, "Crucify Him! Crucify Him!" as they put Jesus on trial. What an incredible difference a week made!
The people of Jerusalem made their decision about Jesus. Many rejected Him, but some realized the truth of what He said and believed.
Each one of us also must decide what we will do with Jesus. No one can decide for you; no one else can give you faith. You must decide for yourself if you will allow Jesus to live in your heart; you must decide if you will live for Him.
Palm Sunday is when they prepared the way for Jesus. Will you prepare the way for Him into your heart? (JMD)

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