I'll bet everyone knows what this is. That's right, it's a stone. Maybe you have some in your yard, or maybe arranged nicely around a garden.
Stones are used for many things. They're used in gravel, to make things like roads and driveways. Have you ever been on a gravel road out in the country? It's pretty bumpy, isn't it? Larger stones are used to make houses sometimes, or maybe a wall around a fireplace. There are lots of uses for stones.
Many years ago, a very large stone was used for a sad purpose. On Good Friday, Jesus had been crucified. He gave His life for our sins. When they put Him in a tomb that was dug into the side of a cave, they rolled a big, heavy stone in front of the tomb to protect it. No one could come in or out.
But do you know what happened that first Easter Sunday morning? When Jesus' friends came to the tomb, they found the big stone rolled away, and Jesus was gone! An angel told them that Jesus had risen from the dead!
That's why we celebrate Easter — the day when Jesus rose from the dead. Because of Him, we can have a wonderful life here on earth, and then life with God forever after this life.
Whenever you see a stone, think about the big stone that was rolled away so that the disciples could see that Jesus was alive! (JMD)

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