It's getting close to Christmas, and I have a feeling many of your families have already put up a Christmas tree in your house. Am I right?
Then some of you may know what this is. It's called angel hair–you spread it around the tree and it gives it a pretty white covering. Why do you suppose it's called angel hair? It's not really hair from angels, but it's very pretty, and could remind you of what angel hair might look like.
You and I have probably never seen an angel in person, but one night long ago a group of shepherds were sitting out in the fields taking care of their sheep, when all at once a whole choir of angels were right there singing. And do you know why they were singing? Because Jesus had been born!
That's why we celebrate Christmas–because we remember the day when Jesus came from God to be with us. Because Jesus loved us enough to come, we can have the wonderful life God intended for us.
So the next time you look at a Christmas tree and see some angel hair, remember the real angels that sang about Jesus' birth, and then thank God that He loved us enough to send His Son Jesus to be born on Christmas. (JMD)

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