There are studies and reports about how many steps we take each day. Many men and women working to get in shape wear clickers to track their steps. All of this talk about taking steps is exciting.

People who have no concept of God or having faith are exercising faith simply by walkimg around and not worrying that their feet will stop working. I truly believe every time we take a step, heaven celebrates.

Heaven rejoices that we are walking around not worrying that our feet will give out on us (2 Corinthians 5:7).

I. God Wants Us to Walk by Faith in All Aspects of Life
God wants us to keep taking steps in our lives with confidence and no worries the same way we walk we are walking around with no concern or thought to our feet failing us when we physically are walking. Many of us hit the groung every morning running and don’t stop until the sun goes down again. Our feet failing is not a thought that registers with most of us. If we do fall, we pick ourselves up and keep going. Never do we think, “I am not gonna walk anymore. Maybe I should get a power chair or scooter.” We refuse to slow down, but when life hits us, we want to take a break, slow down, give up…and stop walking by faith.

II. Keep Taking Steps
When life hits us, God wants us to keep taking steps. If you fall, dust yourself off the same way you do when you trip and fall. When we fall, we don’t lay on the ground and give up completely. We get up and begin again. So in life, exercise faith, get up, keep going. When your children are messing up, stressing you out, don’t quit; keep taking steps. When your job is draining you, your spouse is driving you crazy, don’t quit. Keep taking steps by faith. Think of that same confident faith you use when you’re walking around. When you’re walking around, you don’t worry about your steps; you just walk. So, through life’s troubles, keep walking. It’s normal to get tired, but keep walking and exercising your faith.

You literally will be in better shape from a mental and physical aspect. Throughout the New Testament, Jesus heals people, moves situations in their lives because they took steps by faith rather than steps by worrying. The choice is ours.

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