Do you ever remember having the electricity go off in your house at night? The lights go off, the TV goes off, it’s completely dark! A little scary at first, isn’t it?
When that happens in our house, we go to the kitchen drawer and pull out a flashlight like this one. Do your families keep a flashlight around the house?
You know how a flashlight works, don’t you. You move the knob and the light comes on; move it back and the light goes off. How is that possible? Look inside — you’ll see a couple of batteries. They store up electricity, and then it’s available when we need it. The batteries give power to the flashlight. With a flashlight, you can have light to see even in the darkness.
Two thousand years ago, God looked down on our world and saw that we were in darkness. And He sent Jesus into the world to be the light of the world. That’s what we celebrate at Easter — His death and resurrection.
And even though Jesus is no longer here physically, His Spirit continues to live in this world. Do you know where God’s Spirit lives? In us! In the lives of those who love God and live for Him.
Do you know what that makes us? Flashlights! As God’s Spirit lives in you and me, He gives us the power to bring God’s love and light to our world. As we live for Jesus, other people see us and understand better just what God wants for them, too. We, too, become the light of the world! (JMD)

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