I have a mouse in my pocket!
Before you get too excited, let me warn you it's not the kind of mouse you might expect to see — the little white kind that eats cheese and stays in cages, except when they get out and hide in your Mom's closet!
No, this is the kind of mouse you use with a computer. Let's take a look. How many of you have had a chance to see a computer work with a mouse?
You see, this wire is hooked up to the back of the computer, and then you can click these little buttons to tell the computer to do things. Instead of typing words into the computer, the mouse lets you click instead. It's a pretty powerful little mouse!
But right here in my hand, it can't do a thing. Do you know why? Because it's not plugged into a computer. Unless it's plugged in, I can click it all day long and it won't do anything at all.
That's the way our lives are when we aren't "plugged in" to the Lord. We go through all the normal actions, but they just don't accomplish anything like what we could do when we're plugged in.
How do you plug in to God? You do it in several ways — through prayer; through reading God's Word, the Bible; through being obedient to the things God has told us to do; through telling others about how much God loves them, too.
Then, when we're plugged into the Lord, we can become powerful tools for God, just like this little mouse is a powerful tool when it's plugged into the computer.
Let's stay plugged in! (JMD)

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