Does anyone know how to tell time? Please raise your hand if you do. I have a picture of a clock to help us talk about time. All of you can help me.
When the alarm clock goes off in the morning, is it time for you to do something? Wake up you sleepy head, time to get out of bed!
When the school bell rings at 8:00, does that mean it's time for learning? When the clock reads 12:00 noon, does it mean it's time for lunch. Throughout the day there is a class time for art, for music, for gym, and time for reading. Then at 2:30, school is out and it's time to go home.
Then there is time for dinner, time for homework, time for a bath, and, everyone's favorite: bedtime! (Wait for reaction from children.)
Scheduled time is a very important part of our life, isn't it? Do you ever wonder what it would be like not to have to think about such time? We could sleep as long as we wanted; eat only when we were hungry; work and play only as we wanted to. I think you call that wonderful time!
Some things happen that are not scheduled by our clock or our watches. Can you think of anything? (Give the children the opportunity to respond.) How about: the first snowfall; meeting a new friend; feeling sad or happy; leaves falling from trees; giving someone a hug!
Many things just happen in our lives. Let's pretend that at this moment Jesus, Our Lord and Savior, just happened to walk through those doors! Wouldn't that be exciting! What would you say to Him? (Wait for children's response.)
With all the scheduled things to do and with all the things that just happen, there's something very important I want you to remember: no matter how busy you are, always make time for Jesus.
Jesus showed us God's love when He died on the cross for us. Always remember that Jesus loves each of us very, very much. And always remember to make TIME for Jesus! (Kathy Lentz, Canton United Methodist Church, Canton, NY)

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