I'm sure most of you know what this is. It's a thermometer. Your mom or dad or a nurse use it to take your temperature when you're not feeling well. By taking your temperature, they can check up to find out just how sick you might be.
You always want to make sure that a grown-up helps you with taking your temperature, since thermometers are very delicate and you have to take extra-special care of them. But they're also very helpful, aren't they?
Did you know that the Bible sometimes can be used as a spiritual thermometer? That's right — it can help us check up on our spiritual health, to make sure our lives are what God wants them to be.
Do you know how that happens? It happens as we read our Bibles, and as God's Spirit helps us understand what the words mean in our own lives. The Bible is God's letter to us; He sent it because He loves us and wants us to know how to live in a way that is best for us.
And as we read God's Word every day, we get a regular "check up" as God helps us take our spiritual temperature.
So the next time you have your temperature taken, remember how important it is to read God's Word and have our spiritual temperature checked also. (JMD)

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