Object lesson using a crystal goblet, a styrofoam cup and a dollar bill or coin)
Isn't it amazing how many types of glasses there are? Here are two different kinds of vessels you could use to drink out of. If someone was to offer you your choice of one of these, which one do you think you'd choose?
Most of us would probably choose the nice glass, wouldn't we? That's because we look at what s on the outside. But if we had known what was on the inside of this cup (pull the dollar bill out of the bottom of the styrofoam cup), we might have chosen this one instead. Sometimes things are hidden that can't be seen by other people.
That's what God says about you and me. He has put very special gifts and talents into your life and mine that will help us work for Him. Other people might not always see it, but God knows what's inside, and He wants us to use those gifts.
You see, there's no such thing as a disposable Christian. We're all precious in God's sight.
"Mapping Out Your Life"
(Object lesson using a road map)
Have you ever seen a grown-up use one of these things? What is it called? That's right, it's a map.
(Begin to unfold and spread map on your lap) A map is used to help people figure out where to go. They see how the roads are laid out, what direction to go, and then they can get where they want to go.
After you finish using it, what do you do with a map? You put it in the glove compartment of the car. (Quickly crush map together into a jumble of paper.) There, how's that? Will that fit into the glove compartment? Not very well!
That's because I didn't follow the directions. (Stretch map back out and begin folding it up.) Just as I read a map to learn what direction to go, so I need to follow the directions in folding it up, or it won't fit back where it's supposed to go.
It's that way with our lives, too. God had made us to love Him and obey Him. When we refuse to follow the directions and try to do it our own way, we end up with a mess that just won't fit. Only as we learn to follow God's drections for our lives will we enjoy all the good things of life God has for us.

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