One of the things I like best about this time of year is baseball season!
It's so exciting to go out to the ballpark — whether Little League or Major League — an grab a hotdog, munch on some popcorn, and watch your favorite team out on the field.
This baseball sure is important, but do you know something elase that's absolutely essential to a baseball game? A team — and preferably two teams!
You know about baseball teams — the pitcher and catcher, the first and second basemen, the shortstop and third baseman, the outfielders. Which position is your favorite?
Lots of folks like the pitcher, but can you imagine if only the pitcher showed up for the game, without the rest of the team? He's be clobbered! That poor pitcher would be chasing all over the field by himself! The same thing would be true no matter which player tried to go it alone. Baseball is a team sport — it's not for playing all by yourself.
You know something else that requires a team? Our Christian lives! God gave us the church so that we wouldn't have to try to go it alone. Other Christians are there to help us, support us, make us stronger.
I'm glad I'm on God's team — and I'm glad God gave you and me a team to be on! (JMD)

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