It's that time of year again: summer! We love summer, don't we? Summer is a time for hot dogs and hamburgers cooked on the grill, baseball, and time to cool down in the pool. I'm looking forward to taking my beachball to the pool — how about you?
One of the things many families are able to do during the summer is take a vacation. Does anybody know what a vacation is? Yes, it's a time when the grown-ups get to take a break from work and the family gets to make a trip somewhere. It could be a long trip — to the beach or a national park or to Disney World — or it might be a short trip — to visit family or some other site.
The nice thing about a vacation is that it's a break from the normal schedule. It's a time to be together and do things as a family. Everybody needs a vacation, even if it's just a day or two away with your family.
But did you know that there is someone who never, ever takes a vacation? God never takes a vacation from loving you and me, from watching over us, from providing for our needs. God is always there to hear our prayers and to give us the love and strength we need.
Aren't you glad God doesn't take a vacation from us? Even as we get away from our regular activities, let's not take a vacation from spending time with God. (JMD)

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