I. The Best Gift Already Was Given
God gave His Son for us (John 1:14). There is no greater gift. A mansion, diamond ring or foreign car cannot compare to having Jesus. Jesus can take away pain and heal your body. He is better than Oxycodone, Percocet or miracle marijuana. He is the real medicine for your body, mind and spirit.

In Matthew 15:30, He is defined as the Great Physician. Jesus grants you undeserved favor by grace. He can fix your problems. In Jeremiah 32:27, he asked Jeremiah if anything was too hard for Him. Jesus is the Master’s toolbox; there’s nothing Jesus can’t fix. He can give you victory in battle; read about David. In fact, He will fight for you. In Luke 20:43, Jesus says to stand back as He makes your enemy a footstool.

We get excited and make the most of those material gifts, God wants us to be more excited about the gift of Jesus and what He can do.

God wants us to share the gift of Jesus to show Him off, not so He is stored in your bedroom and only enjoyed on Sunday. Then there are those who never open the gift of Jesus. Jesus should be the gift you don’t put down. Keep in mind our Father gave us the gift of Jesus, and depending on how we treat Jesus will determine if God gives us any other gifts. No one, not even God, wants to give gifts to people who don’t appreciate it. Open the gift of Jesus on Christmas day, celebrate Jesus, and share the gift.

II. No One Can Beat God’s Giving
God set the bar when He gave His Son Jesus. No man or woman,regardless of personal wealth, can compete with what God gave. Our God is a jealous God, so of course He wouldn’t allow any one of us the ability to give better gifts, because that person would get the praise that should be reserved for God alone. So, when it is time to exchange gifts, don’t stress out; don’t go for broke; give from the heart without pressure, because the best gift already was given. As God says in Isaiah 55:2, don’t waste money on what is not bread; it won’t quench your thirst. Don’t imitate the wealthy and people of this world, drowning yourself in debt and depression trying to find gifts that satisfy.

Jesus is bread. He nourishes the body and quenches thirst. Give Jesus. He is the gift to give your loved ones. He is the best gift. Share Him. It won’t cost you anything because the price has been paid.

III. Every Year, Regift Jesus
Give someone a gift of the same quality you were given. When Christmas comes around, regift Jesus. Share your gift with someone less fortunate. You can wrap Jesus up and package Him attractively, but make sure you share Jesus with someone. The world defines Christmas as silver, electronics, gold, debt, hustle and bustle; but it is our duty to remind ourselves and others that the best gift already was given. Let us make use of the Father’s gift and be grateful for what He has done.

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