How many of you have ever used a magnet? There are a lot of things you can do with a magnet. A magnet attracts when you place it near metal — such as picking up nails or pulling paper clips. (Demonstrate.)
A magnet has great power. The larger the magnet, the greater its force. This force controls what it touches.
When we work as a group, we have a great power also. We possess great strength when we help others. As the member of a church we have individual talents and skills. Each member doesn't need to possess the same ability. But we all share in the responsibility of the church.
Our church is like a magnet. By working together we bring together our congregation. By following and obeying God's laws we serve Him. Like the magnet controlling the metal, God wants to be in control of our lives.
One of the best things about a congregation that loves God is it pulls together. We rejoice in times of celebration. We support each other in times of sorrow. We help each other in times of need. And that power works to make us strong.
Carolyn Ross Tomlin often gives the Children's Sermon in her church, Ward's Grove, Jackson, Tennessee.

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