“That Old-Time Religion” Text: Hebrews 11:8, 24-7; 12:1-2

Summer brings a host of family reunions and other gatherings. Many churches have "Homecomings," during which they talk about and remember the "good old days." More than once the phrase "that old-time religion" is passed around. What most folks actually have in mind is the faith of their parents.

You’re In the Army Now

Why is it, in speaking of Christian life in the Bible or now, we invariably reach for military metaphors? Because if you're going to live for God in the 21st century, you may be in for a real fight.

The Lord’s Supper: A Special Time

There was a special time in the life of the early church -- a time when they gathered together to celebrate the presence of Christ in their lives as they broke bread and shared the cup. It can also be a special time in the life of churches today.

Funeral Sermon: Moving Funeral Messages Honor Parents

The two sermons which follow were preached by Robert E. Coleman at the funerals of his parents. His father, James Henry Coleman, was buried January 7, 1975, and his mother, Helen Hood Coleman on August 21, 1985. Both messages offer fitting tribute to loved ones, and provide a model for bringing comfort and inspiration in the funeral setting.

Christian Life: Alone

California Federal Savings and Loan on North Federal Highway has an answer to the issue of loneliness. Many people have embraced this answer and many more will in the future. When I was there I saw this sign prominently displayed near the teller's window: "Bye, Bye loneliness ... Hello happiness. Turn the lyrics of your life around with The Money Line. Use it for a car, a boat, trip, home improvement, business, college education, bill consolidation ... and more."