Full of Exciting Things (an object lesson using a purse)

A purse can hold a lot of things, as this chiildren's sermon illustrates. But the Bible has more great stuff packed into it than any purse could ever hold! And, best of all, it's a book God has given to all of us, so that we can know more about Him.

The Joy of Beginnings (an object lesson using seeds)

Beginnings are exciting things, whether it's the beginning of a flower as a tiny seed, or the beginning of a new year. This children's sermon asks how can we begin the new year right and invites children to give it to God.

Thanksgiving: Cause for a Common Thanksgiving? (A Jewish-Christian Thanksgiving Service) (Exodus 2:23-3:8; Psalm 103; Philippians 4:4-13)

This sermon has a tough assignment: find common ground for thanksgiving among a mixed crowd of Jews and Christians gathered for a Thanksgiving service. What is that we have in common? The answer is that we all, as humans, suffer, but we also share a story of a God who has remembered us. He has seen and heard and known our suffering. He has stooped down to deliver us out of all our affliction.

Advent: Meet Mary

God does not function with whistles and sirens. God's strategy was not to blitz Rome, charging through the forum to the senate, with a warrior Messiah on a white stallion. No, as this Christmas sermon reminds us, God chose to come to the womb of a sensitive teenage girl who was willing to grow in her understanding of the things of God, who had a vision, at least partial, of what God was about.