Object: Band-Aid
"You made him a little lower than the heavenly beings and crowned him with glory and honor" (Psalm 8:5, NIV)
Our bodies are fascinating, wouldn't you say? Nerves transmit reflexes and help our limbs move. The heart pumps blood through the veins and sends it throughout the body. Our lungs make breathing possible. And our skin projects our bones and muscles. In fact, your body is a marvelous machine.
Think of your body as a gift from God. Each part of your body allows you to do certain things. What can hands do? (Clap, fold in prayer.) Fingers? (Hold a pencil, draw, pick up objects.) What about feet and legs? (Run, skip, hop, climb, march, etc.) Yes, each part of our body serves a specific function. God made our bodies to perform special purposes.
Because God loves us, He wants us to take good care of our bodies. Can you think of some ways we can keep our bodies safe? (Pause for answers.) Did we mention eating the right kinds of food? Getting enough sleep and rest? What about exercise? These are only some of the things that keep us healthy.
But there's another gift from God. This is the ability of our bodies to heal themselves. Have you ever skinned your knee or cut your finger? Did the cut heal? We don't know exactly why, but usually healthy bodies are able to heal themselves. (Hold up a Band-Aid. Place one on a child's finger.) Perhaps Mom or Dad has placed a Band-Aid over a cut or scratch.
Yes, God has given us a wonderful gift. No amount of money can replace your body. He wants us to take care of this special creation and use it to serve him! (Carolyn Ross Tomlin) (Option: may wish to end sermon by handing out a brightly-colored band-aid to each child.)
God Is Our Friend
Object: A Bible
"A friend loves at all times…" (Proverbs 17:17, NIV)
(Ask pianist to play softly "What a Friend We Have In Jesus" as children gather.)
Boys and girls, today we are going to talk about friends. How many of you have a friend? Why did you choose this person? (Pause for response. List activities boys and girls can participate in with friends.) A friend is someone who plays with you. Perhaps you share toys with your special friend. A friend is a person you like, you spend time with, and can trust. When you have a friend, you have someone to talk to. A friend listens. God wants us to choose good friends. Listen to what the Bible says about friends.
Proverbs 17:17 says, "A friend loves at all times." When you're sick or when you can't come out and play, a true friend still loves you. This person may be your age, someone older, or a senior adult. Yes, friends are very important. If we want friends, how do we have them? (Pause for response.)
Now think about how you can be a friend. Isn't it the same? You must become a person who can be trusted. Get to know boys and girls in your neighborhood, school, and church. Find ways to help older adults your family knows. Friendships take time. In order to spend time with others, you may have to give up something you like to do so that you can let your friends play their favorite games, too!
Regardless of how much you love your friend, sometimes they will do something that disappoints you. But there is one who will never forget you. He will always be ready to listen when you pray. And His name is Jesus. Jesus is always our friend. The Bible is God's book. It tells us how to be friends by loving one another.
Let us bow our heads as we ask God to help us be a good friend. (Carolyn Ross Tomlin)
What Makes You Happy?
Object: Draw a happy face and a sad face on two paper plates.
Scripture: Psalm 144:15
Boys and girls, do you know what it means to be happy? (Pause for response.) The dictionary says it is to have joy, well-being, to be satisfied or pleased. Can someone tell me how they feel when they are happy? What is the difference between being happy and being sad? (Hold up faces drawn on the plates. Pause for response.)
Think about some things that make boys and girls happy. Could it be a new toy? What about a new bike? Expensive clothes? These are material things, and the Bible says they do not really bring happiness — they only last for a short time. What about not having to do any chores at home? No, being part of a family carries a responsibility. Never having to do homework? Just like your parents go to work, school and preparing for your future is your job; you won't find happiness without it.
God says that true happiness comes from putting Him first in your life, placing the needs of others second, and putting yourself last.
Another way to find happiness is keeping God's laws. Psalm 144:15 says, "…Blessed are the people whose God is the Lord." When we follow God's commandments and do what we know is right, we will be happy. This type of happiness comes from within. It is a feeling that lights up our lives. When we have the love of God in our heart, we want to share it with others.
This week, make a list of ways you can show happiness to others. Think of ways you can please God. And you know something? I believe you will have found the secret of happiness!
Let's pray that God will help each boy and girl find the true happiness in their lives that comes only through knowing Jesus Christ as their Savior.

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