Ready for Action
(an object lesson using vacation supplies)
It's summer, and that means lots of you will be going on vacation with family. How many of you are going on a vacation? Where are some of the places you'll be going?
To have a good vacation, you'll need some equipment, right? Here are some of the things you might need: a pair of sunglasses (for all those sunny days); a swimming suit (for when you get to the motel and want to cool off); a map (but then again, parents have a way of ignoring these anyway). There are probably lots of other things you'll want to take on your vacation.
Let me remind you of some special equipment you won't want to forget on your vacation or any other time.
You'll want to take your Bible. It's important to keep reading God's Word wherever we are, isn't it?
Another piece of equipment you won't want to forget is prayer. Wherever we travel, wherever we are, God is still there and wants to hear from us every day.
Most important of all, someone we can carry with us wherever we go is Jesus, because He lives in our hearts. No matter where you are, He wants to be with you — to help you and care for you.
Aren't you glad God never takes a vacation from loving us? (JMD)
Good News for Everyone!
(an object lesson using a newspaper)
The Sunday paper sure is big! I'm sure many of you have a Sunday paper delivered to your house, or else your family stops and gets one on the way to or from church.
There is so much to read. What is your favorite part of the newspaper? Comics? Sports? Ads?
Newspapers are important, because they help us know what is going on in our town, in our state, in our country — even in other parts of the world. You can be a better citizen when you know what is happening, and the newspaper helps us keep up.
As Christians, it is also important for us to keep up with God's will for our lives. And He has given us a wonderful source of all the most important news: the Bible.
In the Bible, God shows us how much He loves us, and how we can live to receive the most joy out of life. When you read the Bible, it's as if God wrote it just for you!
So the next time you see a newspaper, remember thst the greatest news of all is found in the Bible — the news that God loves you. (JMD)

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