OBJECT: Yard stick (or ruler), hour glass (or watch), and a Bible
SCRIPTURE: II Timothy 2:15
How do you measure life? What are these (hold up the yard stick and the hour glass)? These are two things that measure for us.
The yard stick measures distance. It takes 120 of these to make a football field (don't forget the end zones).
The hour glass measures time. They don't make time; they measure the time that we have to use.
What about your life? How is your life going to be measured? This is a verse that I think is important. "Study to show yourself approved of God a person who has handled rightly the word of God".
This book (hold up the Bible) is one of the things that will measure your life. What we do here at church and at home studying the Bible is important, because we are learning the measurements for our lives. (SNW)

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