Intro: Losing Is Good

We live in a world where every one wants to win.

We can’t stand to lose. Gain, gain gain. Win, win, win. It is unacceptable to lose. I can’t lose my stuff. I can’t lose my job. I can’t lose my woman. I can’t lose my man. Realize the only way God can bless you in a new way is for you to lose someone or something. The reason a lot of people have the desire to be married yet never will make it down the aisle is because they refuse to lose. Let go so God can bless you. Lose so you can win.

Many people talk about hating their jobs but are horrified to lose their jobs or try something new. They fear failing or the possibility of losing. Have faith; you can’t get a better job or start a business if you are not willing to lose the one you have. Don’t quit your current job; but be willing, optomistic about losing, so you can win. The Isrealites were slaves, but they refused to leave Egypt because they were afraid to lose their miserable status. Even in the process of reaching the Promised Land, they wanted to turn back and revert to being slaves. Being slaves was their idea of winning. Being free was losing. We may mock them, laugh and say they were foolish; however, we are no different. It took the Isrealites 400 years to reach the Promised Land because of their winning attitude. I encourage you to be a loser. Don’t let a winning attitude keep you from what God has for you. What we call winning is losing to God. His ways, aren’t our ways. His thoughts aren’t our thoughts. Become familiar with Isaiah 55:8.

I. Start Losing
Once you start losing, do not be afraid to keep losing. God is not done with you until you’re done living. If your heart is still ticking, He still has more for you to lose. Keep in mind God always blesses those who lose. In Genesis, Jacob lost his son Joseph for time, but God returned Joseph to Jacob as a king and provider in time of famine. He was lost for a while in order to fulfill a great purpose. Jesus also lost. He gave His life for the purpose of winning so our sins could be forgiven and our lives could be saved.

II. Lose and Keep Losing to Be Blessed
Therefore, if you want the best for your life, loose it. Scripture says whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it. In other words, your best life is attached to moving forward and leaving the past. So if you want a husband, you have to let go the past relationship that hurt you. If you want a better job, lose the one you have and get a better one. If you want to keep moving closer to heaven, lose stuff. You can’t climb the mountain looking back or holding on to this world’s trappings. (See Matthew 16:19.) Lose in this life so you can win for eternity.

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