As Christmas is drawing closer, lots of you are excited about those pretty boxes that are showing up under your Christmas trees. Does anybody have some decorated boxes under your tree already?
Here are some of the things that are used to wrap a Christmas present: some gift wrap paper, some ribbon, here's a pretty bow. Are these the things we like to get as Christmas presents? No, these are the things we use to wrap the boxes; the real presents are inside. The wrapping is used to cover and decorate the real present. It's not the wrapping that's most important; it's what's inside that counts.
That's also true in our lives. It's not nearly so important what we look like on the outside as what we really are on the inside. God doesn't pay attention to how you look or what kind of clothes you wear; He's interested in the kind of person you are inside. He wants you and me to be the kinds of persons who share with others, who are obedient, who care about other people as well as ourselves.
Being that kind of person is a wonderful gift you can present to God. Your life is the best present of all to give to Jesus this Christmas! (JMD)

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