It's summertime, and for a lot of people that means spending some time at the beach. Is anyone here going to the beach this summer?
That sounds like fun. In fact, let's go to the beach right now! Everybody want to go with me? Of course there are some things we'll want to take when we go to the beach, aren't there? Let's see, we'll need sunscreen to protect us from sunburn. We'll need some sunglasses because it gets pretty bright out there. Obviously we'll need to take a swimsuit so we can go into the water. Maybe we'll take a camera to get pictures of the family in those funny-looking outfits! And we'll want a beach ball or some other beach toys, won't we? Well, I guess we're all ready for the beach.
Hmm, there seems to be a problem. We have all the stuff ready, but we don't know the way to the beach. We need somebody to show us the way, don't we?
Boys and girls, the same thing happens with our lives. Sometimes we assemble a lot of stuff, but it isn't enough. We need someone to show us the way through life: to help us enjoy the good days, and to lift us up and give us strength during the sad days. That's one of the things God does for us. Through His Holy Spirit, He guides us and helps us and shows us the best way through life.
So this summer, whether you go to the beach or mountains, or celebrate summer in your own backyard, take time to thank God for loving us enough to show us the best way through life. (JMD)

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