Title: Sing and Praise God
Scripture: Psalm 108:1
Song: Praise Him, Praise Him
Object: Church hymnal
Boys and girls, I am holding something in my hands that most of you use when you come to church. What do we call this book? (Pause for response.) Yes, this is a church hymnal. Let's talk about ways this book is different from others? (Turn several pages and show the children the text.) This book contains no pictures or drawings like most of your books. Instead, these marks are called notes and they help us sing the songs.
Do any of you have a favorite song you like to sing in church? (Take time for several responses, perhaps give your favorite.) We like to sing old, familiar tunes. We like to learn new ones, too.
Today's scripture comes from the Psalms. Do you remember learning in Sunday school about David, the shepherd boy. David was taking care of his father's sheep. During this time he had many hours to be alone. He had no one to talk to — no one except God. I can imagine as he gazed out over the hillsides keeping watch over the sheep and young lambs, he would look at the beautiful green grass. He tasted the cool, clear water. His heart seemed to overflow with joy as he made up songs to praise God.
Yes, David sung with a heart filled with joy. Can you think of ways boys and girls can sing praises to God? When our music director announces a song, we can find that page and sing with a joyful heart. We may not know all the words, but we can make a joyful noise. Like David, we too, can praise God with our music.
Listen as I read from God's word: "My heart is steadfast, O God; I will sing and make music with all my soul" (Psalm 108:1, NIV).
Play softly, Praise Him, Praise Him as the children return to their seats.

Title: Thank You God
Scripture: Psalm 107:1
Song: Jesus Loves Me
Object: Large sheet of poster board or small bulletin board
(Before the Children's Sermon, place the poster board or bulletin board near the children
Boys and girls, I am glad to see you today. I'm happy you chose to attend Sunday school and church this morning. I give thanks to God for you.
Because God has given us so much, we should always thank him. Let us think about things for which we are thankful. Raise your hands and I will write down the words. (If children hesitate to speak, ask a person from the congregation to mention an item or object. Include terms like "food, homes, families, friends, doctors, church, teachers, clothes, and etc. For non-readers, draw simple figures as you write the words.)
Yes, God is so good to us. God provides parents and caregivers for boys and girls. With God's help, your families work to give you food, homes, clothes, and medical care. Our church provides a place for you to worship God and learn more about Him. Aren't you glad that God takes care of all our needs? God loves us so much, we should never forget to thank Him.
Let me share a Bible verse with you from Psalm 107:1, "Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever" (NIV). This verse was written many years ago. Do you think God still keeps his promises today — as He did when the Old Testament was written?
Lead the children in one stanza of Jesus Loves Me. Invite the congregation to sing with you.

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