Summertime is coming fast, isn't it? Summer is such an exciting time — school is out, the weather is warm, the daylight lasts longer so there's more time to play.
One thing that many people do in the summer is take vacations. How many of you are going to have a vacation this summer?
What happens on a vacation? When we talk about going on a vacation, we often mean we are going to take several days to go on a trip and get away from the regular, everyday things we do when we're at home. When you're on vacation, you don't go to work or do homework or some of those other regular chores, do you?
Do you know who never goes on vacation? God never takes a vacation from loving us, caring for us, keeping our world running, looking after our needs. Just think how terrible it would be if God took a vacation: there'd be no sun to warm us and no stars to light the evening sky; there'd be no love to share, no answers to our prayers.
Our world is totally dependent on God's power, and our lives are totally dependent on His love. Aren't you glad that God never takes a vacation from taking care of us? And we never have to take a vacation from loving Him. (JMD)

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