This bar of soap has many uses. You can carve images out of a bar of soap, like a boat or a car. You can rub it on the edge of a door that is hard to open and the door will open more easily. If you take the paper cover off, the soap will make the room smell nice. And, of course, you can use it to kill germs and take a bath to make you clean on the outside.
But how do you clean yourself on the inside? How do you clean up ugly thoughts or mean words or hurtful actions? Can you use this soap?
No? Sure you can! This is dove soap. Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit to live in our lives and make us clean inside. The Bible tells us the Holy Spirit is like a dove. Just like Dove soap cleans us on the outside, God's dove — the Holy Spirit — makes us clean on the inside when we ask God to forgive us of our sin.
Everytime you see a bar of soap, remember to ask God to help you have clean thoughts, kind words, and helpful actions. Let's clean up right now and ask God to use the dove, His Holy Spirit, to make us clean today. (Barry Beames, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Jefferson, TX)

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