Did you know that there is something almost every woman in this church has with her today? That's right — it's her purse!
You know what a purse is, don't you? It's something ladies carry to keep lots of stuff in. Most of our mothers carry a purse, and we've probably been amazed at all the stuff she can get in that purse!
Let's take a look at what we can find in this one. [The minister can pull several items out of the purse — combs, tissues, money, perhaps items with a particular interest to your church or town.] You sure can pack a lot of stuff in one of these things, can't you?
Look, there's something else in this purse. [Minister takes a small Bible from purse.] It's a Bible — God's Word. Did you know that — just like a purse — this Bible has an amazing amount packed into it. It has adventures, heroes and heroines, exciting stories of how God produced miracles. It tells about how David defeated a giant with just a slingshot, and how God saved Daniel when he was thrown in with a pack of hungry lions!
There's even more. The Bible tells about Jesus — how He was born on Christmas day, how He healed people who were sick and even raised someone from the dead! It tells how much Jesus loved you and me — so much that He was willing to die for us. And it tells how He rose from the grave on Easter morning!
What a book this is! It has more great stuff packed into it than any purse could ever have! And, best of all, it's a book God has given to all of us, so that we can know more about Him.
Let's read God's Word and discover all the exciting things He has packed in this book just for you and me! (JMD)

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