How many of you have gardens at your house or apartment? What do you grow — flowers, vegetables?
This is a packet of seeds. Seeds come in all different kinds of sizes and shapes and colors — just like the flowers and vegetables they grow into. Let's take a look at these seeds.
Isn't it amazing that little seeds like these can grow into beautiful flower bushes or plants? Even a big watermelon grows from a little seed!
Something that's even more amazing is how God takes the little things we do for Him and turns them into wonderful big results. Whenever we are obedient to Him — by helping another boy or girl, by doing what our parents tell us, by reading God's Word and praying — we plant a tiny seed that God can use to produce wonderful things.
What a shame to take seeds like these and waste them. Why throw them away when they can be planted and grow into new life? And what a shame not to plant seeds of love and caring in our own lives, so that God can use them to grow us strong spiritually.
So whenever you do what God asks you to do, think about the seed you've just planted — the seed that God can use to grow something wonderful! (JMD)

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