In Scotland, they have a New Year's Eve custom called "first-footing." The idea is to be the first person to step across a friend's doorstep to wish them a Happy New Year. It's a little odd to imagine people standing on porches out in the cold at midnight waiting to take the first step, but it does sound like fun.
Everybody stand up. Let's see who can be the first one to take a step. You have to wait until I say "now."
Okay, "now." That was very close. I couldn't tell who was first. Let's try again. "Now." This is too confusing, everybody have a seat again.
There are lots of times when you need to take the first step. When someone is lonely, be the first one to walk over and make them feel welcome. When someone is sad, be the first one to take care of them. When you and a friend have an argument, take the first step by saying you are sorry. The people who follow Jesus should take the first step to care for people who are lonely or sad or need a friend. (Brett Younger is Pastor of College Heights Baptist Church, Manhattan, KS)

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