Let's use our imagination today. Imagine that all of us are in Bethlehem the day after Christmas–only no one seems to know that it's the day after Christmas. We're walking down the dusty road of that town, trying to keep from getting run over by the carts or chariots moving by, and we stop to pick up a newspaper, maybe one a lot like this. We know they didn't have newspapers then, but remember that we're using our imaginations!
Let's open up the newspaper and see if it tells us about the big event of the day before. How often do you have angels appear to a group of shepherds, announcing the birth of God's own Son right there in a stable outside Bethlehem? That's big news!
We look over the front page, then inside. Hmm, here are the results of yesterday's chariot races in Rome … here are the prices from the stock market in Jerusalem … here's an editorial about the latest tax people are having to pay … here's another story about the new 55 mph speed limit on the chariot paths. No, not a single thing about Jesus being born! How could they overlook such big news?
But do you know something even more amazing? There are people right here in our own day that are still ignoring the good news that Jesus has come to be our Savior and Lord. They may even celebrate Christmas, but they've never opened their hearts and asked Jesus to come in and take control–and when it comes right down to it, that's really the only way to celebrate Christmas that really matters to Jesus.
Christmas is good news, but that news only means something when we open our hearts and let Him come inside. And then we have news that we can share with everyone else! (JMD)

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