This small gadget makes name labels. Watch! (Type out a label with someone's name)
Why do we put our names on things? We label clothes and school books and lunch pails because they belong to us and are important to us. We put our names on things so they won't get lost, and people will know to whom they belong.
Names are important. Your name is special. It tells everyone who you are and to whom you belong. Your name makes you special because there are no two of you alike.
The wonderful thing is that God knows your name. You're special to God. The Bible says: "Fear not, for I have loved you; I have called you by name; you are mine." (Isa. 43:1)
Remember, each time you see your name on something, God knows your name. You belong to God. He loves you, and you are His child!
Laws of Life
(an object lesson using a driver education handbook)
Anyone who has learned to drive a car will be familiar with this book — a driver education manual. It is a good book to study long before you learn to drive, because it shows you the meaning of all the different traffic signs. (Study several pictures with the children)
These are good to know, especially when you return to school. Traffic signs and highway laws are important for your safety and well-being.
God has also given us laws to live by, and signs to follow. They are His commandments and rules found in the Bible. It is important to learn them and live by them, so that it may be well with us. The Bible says: "Observe the commands of the Lord your God, walking in His ways and honoring Him." (Deut. 8:6)
Whenever you see road signs, remember the good rules God has given you for your happiness and well-being.
Frank J. Van Veen, Minister, St. Andrew's United Church Chatham, Ontario, Canada

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