How many of you know what this is? That's right — it's a computer diskette. You place this carefully inside the slot on the computer, and then when you write things down, the computer saves them on this diskette. For example, you might write a nice letter to your Mommy, but while you are writing you remember a chore you didn't do. So you can save that letter on the diskette, right where you are, and after you get back from doing the chore, the computer can call your letter back up from where you saved it on the diskette. Isn't that great!
But did you know that diskettes can be messed up? You might have lots of letters and other things saved on a diskette, and if you're not careful it can all be wiped out — gone forever!
One of the most dangerous things to a computer diskette is a magnet! Magnets can be good things — when you want to attract metal. But don't ever let a magnet get near a computer diskette. In fact, that's why you shouldn't keep your diskettes near a telephone — because telephones have magnets in them! If I take this magnet, and rub it against this diskette, do you know what I've just done? I've just erased everything from this diskette! I sure hope there wasn't anything important saved on it!
Magnets are powerful, aren't they? They influence things around them. Do you know who else influences things around them? You do! Just like a magnet, you can be a good influence or a bad influence.
If you obey, do the things you should, then you have a good influence on others around you. But if you disobey and do things you shouldn't, that becomes a bad influence. Just like a magnet to a diskette, you can hurt others when you refuse to act the way God intends for you.
Let's decide today that we're going to be good so that we can be a good influence on those around us. (JMD)

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