It's "back-to-school" time again, isn't it? All the stores have been having sales for school clothes and school supplies for weeks now. Those of you who are in school may have already gotten a pencil box like this.
What do you suppose is inside a pencil box? Let's see: pencil, ruler, eraser, pencil sharpener ….
A pencil box has tools for you to use in school: things to write with and draw with. Without those tools, learning would be a lot harder, wouldn't it?
God has given us some tools to help us in learning to know Him better. One of these tools is the Bible, God's Word. The Bible tells us about how God has worked with other people through the years, and how he wants to love and help us.
Another tool God gives us to help know Him better is prayer — our ability to talk to Him anytime, anywhere. Wherever we are, whatever time it is, we can talk to God about our needs, our hurts, and can thank Him for all His gifts. Prayer is another wonderful tool God gives us.
And when we use these tools — like reading the Bible and prayer — we grow closer and closer to God, and know more and more of His love and care for us. (JMD)

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