Boys and girls, do you know what this is? Sure, it is a baseball glove. And what do you do with a baseball glove? That is correct, you catch a baseball with it. How many of you have a baseball glove? How many of you have caught every ball that has ever been thrown to you? No one?
Did you know that God catches us when we fall? He does not have a ball glove but He does have big hands. And what I really like is that God never drops us, He always catches us, He never misses!
All of us fall sometimes. If someone hurts our feelings, or if we do something wrong, or if we feel bad because someone is ill or hurt, God will catch us. King David told Gad, "let us now fall into the hand of the Lord" (2 Sam. 24:14). That is a good place to fall.
I hope you do not fall often. But when you do, God is always there to catch you.

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