I've always been fascinated by butterflies! Do you remember that this insect has four different cycles during its lifetime?
At first, the insect begins as an egg. This egg hatches into a caterpillar. Most people would not think caterpillars are very attractive. Would you? And they eat a lot, too. They need plenty of food to grow — just like you.
Later they attach themselves to a twig or leaf. While there, they spin a protective silk case called a pupa or chrysalis — most of us call it a cocoon. Did you know that some types of caterpillars bury themselves in the ground during this process. During the last stage, a complete change, called metamorphosis, takes place in the body of the insect.
A caterpillar went into the cocoon, but something entirely different comes out. What was once an unattractive caterpillar has become a beautiful butterfly! That's a big difference, isn't it? The butterfly's movements are no longer limited by crawling. Now, it reaches unknown heights by its wings.
Do you think a butterfly remembers its time of being a caterpillar?
If God, our Creator, can make changes in the life of an insect, think about what He can do for us. When we trust in Him, He gives us a new life. It's one very different from our old self. And it is even more beautiful than a butterfly! (Carolyn Ross Tomlin)
Working As a Team
Scientists tell us there are more than 12,000 species of ants in the world. Imagine, that — all those different kinds of ants! Different sizes, different colors, different families of ants — just like there are many different kinds of people. All these ants are very different in appearance and behavior.
Like bees, ants are very social insects. They live together and work together to help one another. Thousands of these small insects live in colonies, little communities of ants. There they work in teams to insure the communities' survival. They help one another do the jobs so that all of them can have food and shelter.
They even have a system of communication, a way to understand one another. You didn't know all that was going on when you saw a bunch of ants, did you?
Jesus planned for His church to be one where everyone works together. Can you think of ways our members help each other? How do we share the work load? How do we communicate? (Pause for answers.)
Christ is the head, the leader of our church, and all of us help Him — the pastor, the choir, the ushers, the teachers, the people in worship, and even you and me! We show our love for Jesus and others by being willing to help.
What can you do to be a helper to Jesus? As boys and girls, you can welcome people when they come to church — give everyone a big smile. A friendly smile shows you love being in the Lord's house. You can open doors for those with physical handicaps — those who might not be able to get around quite as quickly as you can. You can join in the singing of hymns — God just loves to hear you sing, and so do the rest of us.
If you just stop to think of it, there are many jobs for you in our church. Some are small and some are big. But every job is important if you're doing it for Jesus! (Carolyn Ross Tomlin)
Carolyn Ross Tomlin often gives the Children's Sermon in Ward's Grove Church, Jackson, TN.

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