It's January, the very first month of the new year! Here's a calendar for the whole year, and here's January, and here's this very Sunday.
Look at this calendar — it has twelve months, and January is at the very beginning. It's a fresh start to a whole new year. The last year, whatever it held, is forever behind us and we are starting the new year fresh. Isn't that exciting?
Did you do some things in the past year you wish you hadn't done? That year is over — leave them behind and start fresh. Are there some things you wanted to do but never got around to? It's the beginning of a whole new year, and you have a chance to do those things that are so important.
One of the most wonderful things the Bible tells us is that when we give our hearts to Jesus to be our Lord and Savior, he does something so wonderful in us that it's like getting a whole new beginning — a fresh start to our lives. He forgives us for the ways in which we failed Him, and lets us start all over again — this time, with God's help and strength with us every single day.
Just like this new calendar signals the start of a brand new year, so Jesus wants to give us a fresh new life as we walk in His love day by day. (JMD)

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