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This Little Light of Mine (an object lesson using a candle)

Our lives are a little like candles. We're ready to shine brightly, but we need to have someone light us up with power and strength. And that's what Jesus does when He comes into our lives. This children's sermon uses a candle to encourage children to shine brightly for Jesus.

Four Ways To Improve Your Prayer Life

I think that everyone who walks with the Lord wants to know how to better communicate with Him -- how to pray. In fact, I have found no Christian, maturing in the faith, who does not want a better prayer life and to improve that communication.

Christmas: Emmanuel Text: Matthew 1:23

Emmanuel. God is with us. We must decide for ourselves if it is true. The grounds on which to dismiss it are not hard to find. Christmas is commercialism. It is a pain in the neck. It is sentimentality. It is wishful thinking. With its account of the shepherds, the star, the three wise men...

Advent: The Return to Paradise Text: Isaiah 11:1-10

According to this sermon, there is something about the past that attracts each one of us, a deep longing to return to a better time. No wonder that Christmas and Advent seem so marvelous to us. We are getting ready for the One who brings a new world. We are preparing for the One who recreates the old Paradise for all of us. When He is finished, when He is done with us, He has created in us a new innocence, a new peace, a new harmony.

“When Angels Sang” (an object lesson using angel hair)

This children's sermon uses a Christmas decoration to focus on the angel messengers who brought good news that first Christmas. One night long ago a group of shepherds were sitting out in the fields taking care of their sheep, when all at once a whole choir of angels were right there singing.