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God’s Vacation

Do you know who never goes on vacation? God never takes a vacation from loving us, caring for us, keeping our world running, looking after our needs. This beginning-of-summer children's sermon teaches kids that we are completely dependent on the never-stopping power and love of God.

Play Ball! (an object lesson using a baseball)

When you first start playing baseball, standing at bat can be a scary thing. But every star baseball player started in that same place and only got better with practice and help from others. According to this children's sermon, lots of things in life are like that, but with the help of God...

When the ‘Rude’ Becomes Holy

"Rood," of course, in the expression "Holy Rood," is spelled "r-o-o-d" (and I see no point for the present in annoying you with its linguistic history; the mention of Shakespeare has done enough to strain your patience already). But permit me today to spell it "r-u-d-e." Spelled that way, doesn't the designation "Holy Rude" capture the paradox of the cross?