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The King Has Come!

?December 20, 2009 Fourth Sunday of Advent Micah 5:2-5a Seven hundred years before the Spirit of God came over a certain young maiden named Mary so that she would become the mother of the Christ, that same Spirit of God gave prophetic insight to one of His spokesmen. Micah predicted the town of Bethlehem to be the place in which the coming ruler would be born.

Preparing for the Christmas Story

In this Christmas season of preparation and anticipation, this sermon reflects on the preparation that Almighty God put into the very first Christmas production - the birth of His Son, Christ Jesus. Every fact and facet of this momentous event was calculated by God with great precision and forethought.

There’s A Miracle In Your Mess

Figuratively speaking, many of us have been impregnated by God. There is a dream, a business, a ministry, a book, or some great work that He is growing within us. Unfortunately for the average person, spiritual pregnancies are even more difficult to handle than natural births. But, as this sermon attests, the message of Christmas can help you deal with the contradiction of your inner reality and your external circumstances.

Christmas: The Lord Is Come! The Song of Simeon Luke 2:25-33

This Christmas sermon encourages us to have the faith of Simeon. He knew at the beginning of the process that by the time God brought things to completion salvation would be the result. He knew that the baby of Bethlehem would become the Christ of Calvary. He knew that what God was doing in the tiny baby he held in his arms would be well worth the wait.

Justice: What Does God Require?

If we want to do what God requires, then in each instance we must ask, "Where does justice seem to lie here? What best expresses loving kindness? Where is the path of humility?" How do we seem best able to express who we are?