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The Day God Became a Baby

The 6-year-old kids in their Sunday School class were re-enacting the story of the birth of Jesus. The teacher wanted them to stage it themselves based on their own made-up script, so it was certainly interesting. They had three Marys, two Josephs, six shepherds, two wise guys and one boy who played the cow. Another boy decided he would be the doctor who would deliver the baby. The teacher consented, so the little doctor went back behind the manger, picked up the doll and carefully wrapped him in a blanket. Then with a big smile on his face, he turned to the Marys and the Josephs and said, "Congratulations, it's a God!"

Fourth Sunday After Epiphany: How Much?

Walking out of the grocery store, you hear the all-too familiar sound of metal scraping metal. Angling toward your car, you see a teenager staring at your fender. The damage is minimal but costly. When you identify yourself to the teenager, he apologizes immediately and begins to explain this incident can't go on his driving record. He has been driving only for a couple of months, and he is on probation with the insurance company. "How much will it take to make this go away?" he asks and reaches for a checkbook. Based on the sports car idling nearby, you assume he's good for the cash. Would you take the check?

Preaching Prophets

In a recent article for Leadership Journal, John Ortberg reminds us why it is so important to preach on the prophetic books of the Old Testament: "The prophets have been given the crushing burden of looking at our world and seeing what God sees: rich people trying to get richer and looking the other way while poor people die. And thinking God is really pretty pleased with their lives. And that the world is going pretty well."

Fourth Sunday of Advent (A): A Sign from God

Christians have laid claim to this passage as one of the many Old Testament passages-along with Isaiah 9:6-7; Micah 5:2 and others-that seemed to point hundreds of years beyond the time they actually were written to foreshadow the appearance of Jesus Christ. In this instance, the idea that a "virgin will conceive and bear a child" as recorded in Isaiah 7:14 is seen as being fulfilled with the birth of Jesus as described in Matthew 1:18-23.