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Seventh Sunday after Epiphany: Which Book Are You Living By

In the John Wayne classic The Quiet Man, Wayne's character must battle his love interest's brother, Red Danaher. Danaher is an Irish landowner with few friends and a long list of enemies. In fact, one of Danaher's cronies is tasked with maintaining the list. When offended, Danaher will cry out, "Take out your book." His crony brandishes the book and Danaher dictates the offender's name. Recording the name is not sufficient retribution. After the name is written down, Danaher proclaims, "Now strike a line through it!"

Third Sunday of Advent (A): Are You the One?

Jesus and John the Baptist are two men who are linked together in all four of the gospel narratives. In Luke, they are linked together from before their birth. John was the miracle child born of Zechariah and Elizabeth when she was well past the age of giving birth. Jesus was the miracle child born of Mary and of the Holy Spirit while she was still a virgin; fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah 7:14 where a virgin (almah) would bear a son (Luke 1:26-38).

Proper 23 The Grateful Leper

Our passage today helps us assess our gratitude as it points out certain characteristics essential in developing an attitude of gratitude. These lepers help us see ourselves and where we are on the "G.Q." ladder. The take-home principle in this story is: Gratitude to Jesus deepens as our awareness of spiritual estrangement becomes personal. Three key words unfold the story of the Grateful Leper.

The New Commandment

An ancient parchment records the remark of a pagan man by the name of Minucius Felix. He said of the Christians of his day, "They love each other before they know each other." Another first-century pagan exclaimed with astonishment: "Behold how these Christians love one another." If there is one thing that epitomizes the nature of God and His relationship to us, His creation, it is that one word love. If there is one thing above all others that Christ would have us show to each other it is love. What is new about this commandment?