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Why Jesus Came

Taken from Colossians 1:1-14, this sermon seeks to outline the various reasons Jesus came to earth in the form of a infant.

The Essential Me-First of Biblical Preaching

First-person application for the preacher can be an unnerving task. How can this generally overworked individual possibly find the time or the occasion to apply what he has studied before the delivery of the sermon?

Engaging Well: Staying Faithful in Faithless Times

Many years ago, the apostle Paul confronted a Christless culture in Athens, Greece. Yet his challenge on that day is identical to the challenge we face in our culture. How do we remain faithful in faithless times? How can we connect with culture without becoming trapped or ruined by the culture?

Don’t Give in to Fear

Rev. Ord L. Morrow, former associate minister and conference speaker on Back to the Bible from 1959 to 1981, said, "Ours is a very complicated world, a world of up and down, of good and evil. It would be impossible to describe our world with a single word. But if I had to choose one word, I would choose the word 'fear.'"

Proper 25 Ministry Readiness

I remember that as I was growing up, my parents went deer hunting each fall at Sportsman's Haven, leaving my brother and me at home. Hearing about the hunting lodge and cabins always seemed so exciting. Then one summer, Dad said we were taking a family vacation there. On the trip we frequently asked, "Are we there yet?" Finally we turned onto a dirt road, and Dad announced, "It's at the end of the road." What excitement! Similarly, Paul reached the end of his road. As he did, he encouraged his friend Timothy with two key truths about ministry readiness.

Is There Any Word from the Lord?

Doctrinal preaching is all about handling biblical truth as the "true and living Word" that it is, with the sermon functioning as a privileged partner with doctrine in what can be described as a joyous doxological dance to the glory of God. "Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate" (Matt. 19:6, NIV). These are the words of Jesus. Used in the context of preaching, they reflect a critical linkage between didache (teaching) and kerygma (proclamation). Doctrinal preaching is both content centered (teaching to instruct the mind) and intent centered (preaching to move the heart). Doctrine and joy interpenetrate and are intertwined.

What Will I Serve for Dinner?

Parents ask this question on a daily basis. "Should I microwave some TV dinners or make a salad? Pastors make similar decisions for their church families on a weekly basis. Every week, every pastor wonders, "What's for dinner?" What spiritual food will I serve up to my congregation this week?"