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Preaching to Preacher: Preaching Hope!

In a beat-'em-up world, we are called to be ambassadors of the best news the world is ever going to hear! I've been thinking a lot recently about the preaching life of Jesus, and I have been convicted by the realization that the only people the Lord ever publicly condemned were those who beat up on the people-namely the Scribes and Pharisees.

Devote Yourself to the Public Reading: Enhancing the Role of Scripture Reading in Worship

The Bible often is read poorly in our church services; but when it is read well, it can minister as deeply as a Spirit-empowered sermon. Unfortunately, in many churches public reading of the Bible is little more than homiletical throat clearing before the sermon; but as W.E. Sangster asserted: "Bible reading offers the widest scope for the enrichment of public worship, and it is a great pity that the Scriptures are often so badly readWhen the Book is well read and made to live for the people, it can do for them what sermons often fail to d It can be the very voice of God to their souls."

Proper 19 Reckless Reclamation

Ah, the Sunday after Labor Day. This is the first time since the beginning of summer break that some of you have been in worship. I was tempted to examine today's readings, which threaten with the ongoing judgment of God (Jer. 4:11-12, 22-28), rebukes false worship-golden calf or golden tan (Ex. 37:7-14) and challenges us to hear the call to repentance (Ps. 51:1-10).

God’s Plan for You

God is never limited in His ability to plan a person's future. God's call of Jeremiah to be His prophet illustrates how involved God is in our lives.

God’s Plan for You

August 22, 2010; Proper 16; Jeremiah 1:4-10: Dreaming is a wonderful way to spend time for soon-to-be parents waiting for the arrival of their child. Will our baby be a boy or a girl? What name will we choose for our offsprings? What clothes will we buy for our child?