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Out Of Egypt I Have Called My Son

Matthew 2:13-23 It's amazing how quickly we can go from the heights to the depths in our lives. That is what we see happening in Matthew 2 to Joseph and Mary. A group of wise men from the East come and visit them and throw a baby shower that is fit for a king and, indeed, that is who they say this baby is. ...

Faith’s Bitter Foe

According to this sermon, Abraham has much to teach us concerning the life of faith. Despite the millennia that separate us, Abraham's successes and failures, of which there are an ample supply of both, offer surprisingly relevant insights into our struggle to live by faith. His life, much like ours, reflects an on-going battle with fear, faith's archenemy.

Comfort for Manoah’s Kin

This morning, I want to gather my thoughts up under the following sermon title, "Comfort for Manoah's Kin." And of course, we have just discovered that Manoah was the father of Samson, and so it will be helpful as the message unfolds to keep that in mind. Billy Sunday was to his generation what

Do You Need a Physician?

Real faith is not about masks. Real faith is about steadfast love that cuts to the heart, that transforms the life. In this sermon on faith, the Great Physician is offering a cure for hypocrisy- a radical cure. The procedure, in many ways, is simple. It's painful, its scary, it's life-threatening - but it's simple. When Jesus talks about transformation and change He is saying you can no longer wear a mask.

Heavenly Harvest

Thankfulness is more than words. According to this Thanksgiving sermon, it is a positive mental attitude, focused on God and grateful for all the benefits that are ours as believers. It is a lifestyle rooted in the disposition of our hearts! Matthew Henry said 'Thanksgiving is good but thanks-living is better.'

Seeing the Future

Seeing the Future (Fourth in a Series) Daniel 2:31-43 If you could pick one spot in all the world to go and sit for a few minutes, where would you go? I would not have to give it a second thought. For me it would be the summit of the Mount of Olives. When one sits t

God: Our Omnipotent God

The ability to launch into space and catch by hand a satellite weighing much more than an elephant should amaze us all. But as astonishing as that is, it is insignificant compared to the ability of God.

Advent: Meet Mary

God does not function with whistles and sirens. God's strategy was not to blitz Rome, charging through the forum to the senate, with a warrior Messiah on a white stallion. No, as this Christmas sermon reminds us, God chose to come to the womb of a sensitive teenage girl who was willing to grow in her understanding of the things of God, who had a vision, at least partial, of what God was about.