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A Hellish Problem

On the doctrine of hell and of a loving God, is an eternity in hell considered to be punishment or the result of a fate requested by a sinner of a loving God?

Preaching to Preacher: Preaching Hope!

In a beat-'em-up world, we are called to be ambassadors of the best news the world is ever going to hear! I've been thinking a lot recently about the preaching life of Jesus, and I have been convicted by the realization that the only people the Lord ever publicly condemned were those who beat up on the people-namely the Scribes and Pharisees.

Six Flags over Jesus!

If entertainment is worship, then Six Flags and Disney worship better than we do every single Sunday. The most urgent need in the church of Jesus Christ today is less entertainment and better preaching. Yet the reality is that often preaching is downplayed to make room for more special effects. This runs contrary to the plain teaching of the Bible and church history.

Jesus Is Coming

10.26.08 Proper 25 2 Thessalonians 2:1-8 The text before us is one of the most difficult in all of Paul's writings. Much has been written about this passage, and there is a range of varying views. I am reminded of a recent conversation with an older member of my congregation. He reminded me of days when pastors and preachers preached on the second coming of Jesus Christ. He also reminded me that it had been a while since he had heard a sermon on the subject.