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Some Great Thing

Feb. 15, 2009 Sixth Sunday After Epiphany (B) 2 Kings 5:1-14 What is your wildest dream for your church? As you ponder that question, you may have a dream of a place where there is joy and excitement. You dream of a place where lost sinners are found, broken homes are restored, and those who are adrift find new purpose in living. That may be happening in your church or, sadly, it may not.

What Do I Want For Christmas?

God puts to us the same issue that God put before Ahaz on the road beside the fuller's field. Where do we turn when seeking to build a world? Do we turn to our limited, sin-distorted human ways, or do we trust in the unending promises of God, and in the way God reveals Himself through Christ? This sermon asks us what we want for Christmas, and encourages us to want what God wants for us.

Naaman’s Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the overflow of our hearts when we come to see our desperate need and God's gracious deliverance. In this Thanksgiving sermon we learn three lessons from Namaan, whose thankgiving was a response to God's grace, a confession of God's glory, and a rejoicing in God rather than a repaying of him.

Discovering the Signs of Christmas

There is a sign in everybody's night. It is the Christ-child - the Light of all humanity. God gave that sign at night to remind each of us that in the darkest hour of our lives, the Most High God gives a sign that brings life and light. This Christmas sermon offers hope to those who believe that God is truly with us.

You Just Got to Love ‘Em

You Just Got to Love 'Em Dr. Clyde Francisco was teaching his Old Testament Survey class at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary when he hesitated over the story of Elisha calling bears to attack some young men who were taunting the prophet (2 Kings 2:23-25)

On a Search for Significance

On a Search for Significance (Seventh in a Series) Daniel 4 There's an amazing transition taking place among the baby boomer generation in American culture today. It is a move from success to significance. This generation has acquired more possessions, more po

Don’t Give In!

Don't Give In! (First in a Series) Daniel 1:1-8 Our current contemporary culture brings new challenges to our Christian faith with each passing day. Daniel was a young man who grew up in a culture of traditional family values. Then he unexpectedly found hims