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Preaching and Pornography

Images have a strong impact on us and are not easily or quickly forgotten, making the damage done by pornography toxic to our souls and relationships.

The Agony of Preaching

Preaching never has been an easy task, and it's becoming a greater challenge to preach sermons that reach people where they are for a variety of reasons.

The Essential Me-First of Biblical Preaching

First-person application for the preacher can be an unnerving task. How can this generally overworked individual possibly find the time or the occasion to apply what he has studied before the delivery of the sermon?

Preaching to Heal Conflicted Congregations

Perhaps the best question regarding conflict was offered by that outstanding theologian from Los Angeles, Rodney King, who asked, "Can't we all just get along?" Pastors and congregations across the country might respond, "Amen!" Interestingly, the very people who decry conflict seem unable to break free from it. The people who identify themselves as followers of the Prince of Peace lack peace. Believers who claim the fruit of the Holy Spirit have trouble experiencing or expressing love, joy and peace.

Sermon: New Year, Christian Life: Holy Habits

[1Timothy 4:7-8] For better or for worse, we are creatures of habit. I learned this early when I was a newspaper delivery boy. A customer would tell me he was going to be on vacation for a week and not need a paper. Nevertheless, out of sheer habit, I would fling a paper up on his porch each day and have to pay for that paper myself.