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Proper 28 (C): Window of Opportunity

In our text today, Peter, James and John ask three questions: 1) When will the temple be destroyed? 2) What will be the sign of His coming? 3) What will be the end of the age? Our Lord's reply is what we today call "The Olivet Discourse" and is expanded in Matthew 24 and 25.

Living Upstairs

Gilbert K. Chesterton once made the spiritual observation that in the house of life many people are content to live in the cellar. In fact, they seem to assume that the cellar is the only room in the house.

Living Worship

How shall we worship God? This is the great question of man in the religious world. It remains a question, also, in the church.

Faith: Serving in the Silence

This sermon examines the great faith and hope displayed in the lives of Zechariah and Elizabeth. They were willing to be used by God, they learned that God's "No" is not forever, and they were faithful to the Lord in spite of their circumstance. What about us? Will we continue to serve God no matter what? Will we serve Him in our suffering and in our sickness? Will we serve Him in the silence? That is faith!